Saturday, September 6, 2014

little films, little events

Helen's north side, southern hemisphere sunny side, has removed a tree, a cypress to which they seemed very attached while reluctant hitherto to understand how very big it had become, would become. Removing it has given much more light to Helen's front garden, which offers new opportunities for gardener and plants.

The cypress had had the top cut off some years ago in hope that its growth would thus be limited. in fact it meant multiple trunks developed.

This first movie shows some skill on the part of the arborist in dropping the last trunk.

and this is something entirely different. One living space in my house has a very large window to the south, facing a metal fence and the wall of the next house. a very narrow garden bed, beside a concrete path, no sun in winter, blistering dry and hot in summer. When I arrived in 2008 I planted two Kennedia rubicunda, Dusky Coral Pea, which has over-run the whole space, turned the view green and created summer cooling. And in this springtime, red flowers with nectar for red wattlebirds

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