Wednesday, June 12, 2013

amazing pattern language for food foresting!

I have been conscious of the way beginning to think about a food forest leads one into complicated ideas, inspiration and adventure. But am stunned to find this:

... reported on the permaculture power blog, to which I have also added a link in the right column. Yes, I'm just a beginner. It is important to make a record as you begin, in my view. However naive. Geology provides some metaphorical language about learning: sometimes knowledge arrives with the explosive force of igneous rock, volcanoes and the like. More often it's a sedimentary process. History is best understood as a sedimentary process. I've long advised my children (to varying effect!) that to understand current history they need to begin the record learning the news on day one, whenever it is. So also with a blog, it can only get value as sedimentary layers are laid down. And fractured and folded and made more interesting over time, metamorphosing. The arrival of this volcano of ideas in that diagram certainly will metamorphose my mind as I get through it!

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