Monday, April 13, 2020

Dennis's garden March 2020

This quote from a web page of mine long ago.

Thus, here, mainly as the eye falls. Click on photos to enlarge.

We thought we had lost this orange tree in January. Skeletal, bare.
It has recovered and just as the most weary looking cows provide the finest children, its crop is excellent.

The guava bushes never showed weakness in the drought, but a little slow to fruit
The library has since been closed for the virus season. Just when it was becoming very active.
A great mystery, in that, invisible from the house, we have seen few of the borrowers arriving and departing.
At the end of December we (mainly Helen) used the battery powered mower to round up and crush leaf litter,
against the possibility of burning embers flying in from fires (greatest danger 31 December).
Added water, wrapped in a rug to cook down and moulder.
Now lower in height, massive amount of deployable mulch.
The difference between mulch and compost is that mulch with high carbon content inhibits growth
whereas compost with higher nitrogen content promotes growth...
at least for the time immediately after deployment. In time the mulch breaks down too.

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