Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mosaics in sand, work of wwoofer Mike

Everyone with a house will have some corner garden, under a roof line, where it is difficult to get anything to grow.

Helen had two next spaces like that. Also Helen was concerned not to have wet garden growth up against the house, encouraging pests including termites.

So with a plan, we assembled our collected tiles and broken plates and we entrusted the project to Xiao Ran (Mike), wwoofer from Beijing, after some basic training in mosaic work.

We knew Mike was clever, we knew he had never done a project like this before. The results are wonderful.

Mosaic work is interesting because it allows you to play with shapes and forms. It allows you to smash plates. You shift into a creative mind-space. As design develops, you begin to see more and more what is possible. And Mike's creative mind ran and ran. Imagination! Discipline. Hard work too. Place pieces, step back, look, have a coffee, look again, pick up most of it, rearrange, and then again...

This work is not concreted in. Earth and weeds were removed to a depth of about 75mm (3in), cloth put down flat on the ground as a weed barrier, then sand... and the mosaic pieces laid on top. Rain will alter this, as will wind, birds and lizards. Really part of the garden, subject to change.

Thanks Mike! 

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 We used a lot of tiles but we still have some more.

in the middle, a few harvested passionfruit and macadamia nuts. 

Photography offers some opportunities like mosaic work, assembling forms.


  1. Gracias, Señor Dennis, para la oportunidad de creatividad, salud : D

  2. Gracias, Señor Dennis, para la oportunidad de creatividad, salud : D


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