Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Fruity creatures with wet t-shirts.

In last blog entry I set out how we assembled sacks of good soil to grow strawberries hanging from bags. The bags were woven plastic produce bags which would would break up in sunlight.

So for that and aesthetic reasons, I have now dressed these creature in T-shirts. And poured them tea.

And given them old chairs to sit upon, just a little closer to the sun in winter, further from chill ground, snails and rabbits. Easy to check and manage. With 90 or 100mm -> 50mm reducers on the top of centre PVC pipe to increase rain catchment and facilitate watering and adding feeds. Soil made from compost, cocopeat (fine chopped coconut husk), mulched horse manure, volcanic rock dust, plus compost tea (a bin with lid in the garden to which we add water, weeds, manures, volcanic rock dust, seaweed extract, etc.). Some other strawberries in the garden are already flowering. hopefully fruit by November. To add to passionfruit currently cropping heavily.

I added some more plants. I have to say there is a big difference between the sensation of gashing a hole in a produce bag compared with plunging a knife into a well-filled ladies T-shirt and hauling out viscera to make way for an implant. I look over my shoulder for passers-by.

As a system this is easy to replicate. Just adding more chairs. Kind of the way easy for Iran or others to add extra centrifuges to uranium enrichment plants. Kind of.

Or if I can find an old merry-go-round at the recycling I will have a perfect device for getting the sun onto all sides of these bags if I train the poodle to run in circles pulling it. Only needs a lamb chop on a fishing pole in front of him perhaps. But I must remember complex things fail....

I will try hanging them in strong fishing net from tree branches. Where they can spin in the breeze. Without a poodle. Stay tuned.

Here they are. Three bags full:

Click on picture to enlarge. Little sticks in the holes are to discourage the holes from movement.

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