Wednesday, July 26, 2017

mid-winter 2017: part 3, beauty in the small

This page just a browse for aesthetics, eye on the details
Hardenbergia violacea opportunistically climbs on a table
young lime, lavender, guava
geese on loan from Helen's garden
A potplant that in summer catches aircon drips by the front door, books decaying, water injector, lurking behind, new passionfruit
just to tease the bowerbirds who collect blue things

decadence is normal
and all that jazz

aloof, alight, a sweet delight

a carved burl in the woods

just fine details

everywhere bits of herbs, always look at the details
after the bower gone
the water bowl is still here, in reflective mood
wattle below, banana with bunch, eucalypt overarching
and then back inside for high-5 and coffee


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