Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Northey Street City Farm, Brisbane

Susan and Stephen took us to this permaculture demonstration farm, slap bang amid the heavy urban infrastructure north west of the Brisbane CBD on 13 May 2013.

A little hard to believe coming from far away and looking at the map that this garden was under water  in floods several months ago.

The photos show how hard it is to photograph gardens. Not least on a glarey overcast day. Not least by me. Black and white photos by Stephen. Some of the colour photos by Helen. The colour photos show a sort of flood-weary look, less evident to the direct eye.

We were there on a Monday, missing all the lively crowds, cafe and instruction of the weekend and some other days.

The garden was established in 1994. So I have a bit of time to catch up at home!

Later, photos of our hosts, over coffee at Mt Cootha, glare of the day behind.

I am carrying two cameras, Olympus EP-L1 with fixed 14mm (equivalent to 28mm on 35mm camera) and Panasonic LX3 with zoom, set to black and white and square images. Helen with EP-L1 with zoom.

My photo of my eldest, Susan

Helen's photo of Stephen

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