Thursday, May 30, 2013

and house energy efficiency

I have just installed in my partner's house two strings of LED lights, wrapped around a bamboo pole, suspended from the ceiling, to light a hallway. One of these and one of these from ebay (I have no connection with the seller, but these were my second happy purchase from this seller). The cocoon-like lights to go above a bookcase, the flower shaped lights in a part of the hall which needs less light. All made by a women's cooperative in southern Thailand, the flower shaped lights from leaves of rubber trees.

Each of these two strings has 35 lights, rated by the supplier as 3.3 watts. So in total less than 7 watts. At 27c per kwh power from the grid, 0.2 cents per hour. And the LED lights should last forever. They cost around $70. The hooks in the ceiling $5. The bamboo pole from own bamboo, on property recently sold.

It's worth looking for ways to do things which are both beautiful and sustainable.

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