Thursday, May 2, 2013

water, everywhere, with style

We underprovide for water outside. I have now five slim tall water tanks for roof collection, for which I am gradually improving reticulation systems. I have been absent minded for a long time and too often, over the last several years, I have left a hose from a tank running and emptied the tanks. Fortunately we get good rain here, and I have town water too.

Sticking with the principle that if it's worth doing it has to be done with some aesthetic sense, here is fun created with the assistance of my friend and helper Trevor in front and back in provision of water for washing hands and garden products.

In the front garden, a French made Porcelaine de Paris hand basin with gilt taps, soap and nail brush dishes. I have yet to decide whether to install solar powered pump so the lion can whistle water into the basin. And while washing up, listen to the Black Ants as they play bluegrass (almost the only grass left, certainly the only grass not under threat). No, it's not superman or a bird, it's a plane in a cage, enwreathed in solar powered LED stars at night.

In the back garden, under a tamarillo, a proper back garden washup situation, modelled graciously by Trevor, with two kitchen sinks, two shower heads... which are also very good for sticking your head under on very hot days.

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