Thursday, October 10, 2013

Climate urgency, micro and macro

I have written a couple of entries recently at my main blog about climate change and the urgency of dealing with it at global, strategic, national, community and individual levels. 

My immediate concern in relation to my 'sustainable food forest' is to sustain it through what seems likely to be a hot and perhaps very dry summer. I am pleased to have some tropical plants growing well (at 34 degrees south).

However much people may throw up their hands and say "even if it's true, what can I do?" that fails to address the core individual need to avoid being sucked into a hopeless practical helplessness marching between social media, the supermarket and the fridge. Resourcefulness important, in context of understanding the real world.

No, I'm not expecting to survive on the garden alone, but it is one of an array of ideas and practicalities I am working through and should write about soon.

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