Sunday, September 18, 2016

wonga pigeon

We have in the past had flying visits (nice work, keep it up, bye bye!) from a wonga pigeon maybe once a year. That's their nature, they live in forests. But this past week we have the delight of a wonga pigeon spending lots of time in the garden. The trees are bigger, the spaces under them shadier, the mulch everywhere has treasures to look for and the chooks outrageously spray their scratch mix inside and outside their premises. As the wonga pigeon knows:

Wonga pigeon, September 2016

These are gentle, solitary waddling kind of birds, with charm. They are round and fat as king pigeons. They were almost eaten to extinction but have made a comeback. The wikipedia entry is good. Almost as if written by a wonga pigeon. It may not stay long, it may soon have cleaned up and gone. But its presence is a good marker for the garden and a pleasure to see from different windows as it makes its rounds.

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